About ARK Ministries

Seeking Freedom and Restoration through a Faith-based Christ centerd program of discipleship

ARK Ministries is a residential-based program focused on faith based, Christ centered, discipleship, education, and life skill training. We are a 501(c)3 non profit charity corporation. Our belief is that a Christ centered focus can expose and deal with the heart issue(s) that drive(s) the unheathy behaviors such as addiction and alcohol abuse. You can reach us at (434) 262 - 0056 to learn more about us.

Support Team

We offer many ways to get in touch with us, either through our website, our Facebook page, or over the phone. You'll get fast and reliable help from a friendly voice on the other side of the line. We are here to help you. ( NOTE: We are not a certified counseling service provider and we do not provide detox services)  

We Are Here for You

We strive to help others replace brokenness and dispair with hope and freedom. Our staff is ready to walk along side each resident as they navigate their journey to true freedom and restoration. We offer a 12 month in-house resident  program. Our days are a combination of discipleship along with community service. If you are ready to make a change, complete the on-line application by clicking on the Apply Now button below.



How You Can Help