Newspaper Article

Newspaper Article

A refuge for those seeking recovery from addiction is coming to Mecklenburg County. 

Statistically, one in three households have been either directly or indirectly impacted by addiction! Maybe its you or your spouse, your child, your relative, your neighbor, your best friend, or a work associate that suffers from addiction. Neither gender, race, education, financial status, or social status play a defining role with addiction. Addiction knows no bounds!

Mecklenburg county and surrounding counties have all experienced an increase in the number of people who struggle with addiction and all have seen more than a doubling in the number of overdose deaths over the last two years. 

The ARK Ministries has been established to help address this growing issue by providing faith-based, Christ centered counseling and life skill training to in-house residents over a 12 month period. Our goal is not to simply offer more self help aid to those trying to manage their addiction but rather to see true restoration and freedom from addiction. Our program is two part: one part focuses on the counseling and training aspects of recovery and the other part focuses on residents giving back to the community through volunteer work done throughout the county. The overall goal is to see brokenness and hopelessness transformed into restoration and freedom through a relationship with Christ and the recognition of one’s value as found in their God given purpose and design. 

Each applicant must meet defined requirements and must have a sponsor. Their days are structured, house responsibilities are rotated, counseling sessions include discussions and workshops, and afternoon volunteer work assignments are scheduled and supervised. Visitation is monitored and limited at first but over time, family reorientation sessions are encouraged and incorporated. In addition to the restoration focus, various life skill training options are available if needed. At the end of 12 months, a transition plan will help the resident secure employment, housing, and permanent transportation.  

This model for recovery is not new. John 3:16 Ministries, located in Charlotte, Arkansas, stands as the cornerstone refuge and treatment center for men with drug and alcohol addictions, to come and heal spiritually, physically, and emotionally. John 3:16 Ministries was established in 2003 and has helped thousands of men overcome their drug and alcohol addictions through Jesus Christ. We were privileged to visit and draw on their experience and program advice in formulating our program here in Virginia. They remain active partners with us and offer their success as evidence of the true effectiveness of this model for recovery. Not only have they seen individual lives change but entire communities have changed as a result of this outreach!

The ARK Ministries is a 501(c)3 charitable corporation. Our programs are in place and our team of managers are ready to go. All of our funding will come from donations. Being faith based, we do not accept government funding or grants. Our residents stay without cost so that they are not distracted by other obligations and can focus on recovery. We are currently seeking a large house on several acres in the country which we are hoping to acquire through donation, renting or purchase. Our goal is to start with a small men’s home and ensure we have things in place and working smoothly before expanding both in size and in adding a separate facility for women. 

The need is real and present yet too often it remains hidden because we fear condemning judgment by others or the stigma that is placed on those struggling with addition. Yet in talking with people, we find that if you give them an accepting and safe refuge to discuss this issue, often times their guards come down and you hear their story and realize that they too have been impacted by addiction. There are a lot of individuals who would like to help fight addiction but feel unable as an individual to make an impact. The ARK Ministries can be the hands that provide the help that is needed and you now can make an impact through your donation. Together we can make a difference! 

Our website is or you can visit us on Facebook at ARK Ministries. If you have questions, have a place we might be interested in using, or simply want to donate, call or mail us. Phone number is 434-262-0056. Our mailing address is P O Box 162, South Hill, VA 23970.. 

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